RE: Email Complexes

Fantastic. Call the providers, purchase an account and let's be done
with this thread.

I hate to state the obvious, but at least two of the providers on his list
were other cable companies. Given that cable companies don't generally sell
standalone POP3 service without some home/small-biz cable modem service, how
exactly do you propose purchasing an account at a cable company that doesn't
serve your area (I'm assuming that Charter's HQ/datacenter/etc is in a
territory it, and not another company, serves...) and actually using said


Personally, if it were me, running one of those major networks, I'd set him up with a free account, and then start bouncing it left and right.

"Oh, we're bouncing it because of all this spam we keep getting from you. Is it your problem now?"


Folks, it's (long past) time to end this thread. It's operationally of
interest to very few of us.