RE: EFF whitepaper

Well-written or not, this piece has a vague odor of blaming the victim
for the crime. To cite the specific example quoted below, if
cash-hungry spam havens like China, Korea and others took action locally
to reduce the "spam-friendly" nature of many of their online providers,
the filtering fickle middle finger of fate would not be pointed at them
as a geographical entity. I mean, if 40% of my spam comes from or
through China, then of course I will be more wary of accepting mail from
there. Profiling isn't a problem of free speech, it is a simple matter
of statistics.

  It's a bad craftsman that blames his tools. These utilities are
specifically designed to operate in the online environment we find
ourselves in. Perhaps it is the environment that needs changing, not
the way we protect ourselves from it.

- Mark