RE: EFF whitepaper

From personal experience, whether you check that you want further

mailings from or not, they send them to you anytime you send
anything (petitions, letters, etc) from their website. They're also not
that great about taking you off when you complain (I have had to
complain 2-3 times per incident). For this reason, no matter how I feel
about the subject, I won't go through them anymore.

Hopefully one of their contacts is listening, because their mail policy
is really obnoxious.

Diane Turley
Network Engineer
Xspedius Communications Co.

deja vu all over again.

i had this conversation (about unconfirmed mailings) with a staffer at
the dean campaign earlier this year. the general feeling i got was that
they don't clearly understand the problem, and are much more concerned
about creating a barrier to entry than worrying about creating a barrier
to mail abuse.