RE: eDNS - Temporary Freeze

Karl Denninger [SMTP:karl@Mcs.Net] wrote around Sunday, May 04, 1997 12:57 PM
(in some timezone, my mail client is useless):

As long as the Internet's cache files on each and every system out there
point at "a" in their file, there is the potential to break the namespace.

One rogue server in a confederation will cause serious problems.

NSI has defacto control, because getting them out of the cache files is a
long and slow process, and until they ARE out their answers will be

That's one of the nice things about widespread backing of the IAHC plan
by the big players. It wouldn't be hard for them to blackhole the cached
rogue servers and thus cut them out of the loop. No doubt Karl will
invoke lawyers at this, but while people are running around seeking
injunctions to support their own lawlessness, the net keeps running.
I would think that network operators could argue this is no different from
filtering out rogue routes coming in from a subverted BGP peer.


You're talking about blackholing the routes, or the nameservers (ie: bogusns

Blackholing the routes would be, IMHO a serious legal issue.

Bogusnsing the root would do nothing, since 40,000 people would have to do
it (and that simply won't happen).

Since it is a technique already in significant use and gaining in
popularity, its application to this context raises no new legal questions.