RE: Dumb users spread viruses

Robert Boyle wrote:
Please help me resist the siren song of Outlook 2003.

What I retain from your very good post is that if _you_ are having
trouble resisting the siren song, there is nothing to do for the typical
non-technical CEO, as all they care about is feature and ease of use.
Microsoft may be crap, but as long as the users are screaming for it, no
problemo. After you've shown them that they can have their email,
calendaring, contacts, etc in their cell phone, that their
administrative assistant can manage it from the office, and that it fits
in their shirt pocket and is updated quasi real-time, the sale is over.

Real story: A month ago I had a non-technical customer that used her
windoze cell phone to open a critical m$ word file from the basement of
capitol hill. One can whine all they want about Outlook, if one does not
provide a solution that looks as good IN THE USER'S MIND, one will
continue so see Outlook being the dominant app and Windows being the
dominant OS.