RE: dsl providers that will route /24


Please keep the trife legal disputes off Nanog. If you are seeing Wacky Packets(tm),
call your upstream(s) and have them apply a filter if Zebra boxen are incapable
of filtering the traffic.

Can we end this thread since it crossed the line from "Operational" to "Personal"
a long time ago?



We're seeing a flood of RFC1918 sourced traffic bounce off our ingress

This is causing unwarranted load on our edge routers. I feel that we
should be compensated by whomever is originating or allowing the
origination of said packets.

As a result of your strance on the matter, we're going to be naming you
as a defendant in a civil lawsuit. Please be sure to have available
packet logs from _all_ of your customers at _every_ _ingress_ and _egress_

point on your network for the past 24 and next 48 hours.

See you in court.

John Fraizer
EnterZone, Inc