RE: dsl providers that will route /24

Having run said ingress filters at a fairly good sized ISP with several
thousand DSL customers It must be said that we are not talking about filters
that create outrageous cpu load. What the filters can tell you is how many
of your customers have misconfigured Nat, are doing multi-homing on the
or are just being naughty. If you do not have the filters you are going to
have issue anyway when your dual-homed DSL customer calls with 50% packet
loss because their other provider is doing ingress filtering. Point being
is that
there are pragmatic reasons to filter that are less abstract than the more
difficult to grasp netizenship issues, although why folks don't get karma is
beyond me :-).
    Finally, I cannot imagine being the source of a major DDOS and trying to
explain why I did not use simple tools to avoid the problem.

Nick Guy