[Re: Don't like it, order the ISPs to block it]

I would be happy just to see ISPs live up to their own published AUP.
The Internet would be a MUCH nicer place if this were the case.

think NIMBY (not in my back-yard, or rather, not at my isp) - as
several well-known list members say, "i encourage my competitors
to do it..." too many network operators/admins/engineers/managers
like the freedom to do as they choose, and will exclude themselve
(and/or their friends) from certain policies. execs like to do this
as well - who here has had to open the firewall to allow some sort
of microsoft 'service' through? *raising hand* it is stupid, and
they should know better, but they can't be bothered to think about
little things like security all of the time...

Why does the topic of AUP enforcement gravitate towards straw man
discussions of totalitarian governments? Yeah, I am sure the North
Korean ISP scene is no fun. But this is North America. If a company
wines about the fact that they dont have a business plan that allows
for the enforcement of their published rules ("oh, it just costs too
much money"), they should not BS the public that they have such rules
in the first place.

it goes deeper than just isps - corporate america doesn't seem to like
watching itself. it likes to try and get away with as much as possible
(maximize profits while staying within the law (but only just so))

If we want our industry to be self policing, and not policed by the
public sector, we better start policing ourselves.

i'm sure that mci, global crossing, verisign, enron, and others would
publicly agree with you, while privately breaking/bending as many rules
as possible for their own benefit

* note that i only named them because they are recent cases which
demonstrate my point - i know there are others, those just happen
to be the 'biggest'

my $0.02




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