RE: DNS .US outage

Thanks. Didn't have any *NIX boxes laying around to 'dig' any deeper.
When I checked networksolutions' whois for and
, both returned:
" We are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again

Figured something was up. But when I tried nslookup with a server on
yet a 4th ISP just now, it worked ok. Thanks again.


Thanks. Didn't have any *NIX boxes laying around to 'dig' any deeper.

i believe even windoze has dig at the command line, though i don't
know in what directory it lies.



also, with the helping-out of PCH and neustar I believe these TLD boxen
are actually anycast around quite some bit... though I could be mistaken
about that since the hotel in boston (ATT) sees the same path as the
office in ashburn (UUNET) ...

The web directory:

or the ftp directory:

What is also very useful are the following two websites, so people can
click around a bit and get nice pictures making everything crystalclear
for them:

DNSDoctor (which even supports IPv6 :slight_smile:

And of course DNS report:


That's assuming you have installed BIND for Windows, which most people probably have not done. They do have ping, nslookup, and a few other command-line tools, but then very few people using Windows seem to know how to use the command-line, or even know how to start it up.

  Good guess, though.

"avoid loosing all connectivity"


-- jra

In case other Win users aren't aware:


Do be aware that the WHOIS functionality is out of date - it doesn't know
to search for .ORG domains, for example.

The source code is available, and I have a copy and am planning to create
an updated package based on SS (no, it won't be the next version of SS),
but it won't be finished for a while (I've *barely* just started working
on it).

Other than that, it's a great piece of software.