RE: Dns help.

I found a great link some time ago:
This one has an option to do a lookup to any public DNS server...
Pick some of the random Internation DNS servers and try it out..
It helped me out awhile back when an old DNS hoster still had us
in their named.conf......


---From Ejay---
Hi all.


I have a customer that is reporting intermittent
reachability issues to, and need a off-network
perspective on dns. The end-user reports not being able to
resolve the domain, but it's been okay everywhere I looked.
Most of the complaints have been international, but there
are a couple of charter and EarthLink addresses mixed in.
Last dns change was 2 almost weeks ago, so I don't suspect a
propagation issue.

It should resolve to


(Who now owes two rounds at the next <400mi from Nashville

Thank you Jim and everyone else who responded. Of 84
replies, 82 resolved correctly. 1 of the failures was
single-server failure during a reload, and I'm a possible
reachability issues as the cause of the other.

Thanks again to all who helped.