RE: Did Sean Gorman's maps show the cascading vulnerability in Oh io?

Capacity isn't the problem. The problem is that there aren't enough lines
between the providers and consumers to carry the current volume.

Eric A. Hall

Exactly, and everyone on this list should realize this exists in EVERY
utility. A quote from, Money section:

"However, the wireless telecom sector has many problems. Most carriers
are faced with large debt loads. And because of intense competition (there
are six major carriers nationwide) they are resorting to price wars to
new subscribers. All that means that it has been difficult for the carriers
to upgrade their networks to handle more calls and will probably remain so
the foreseeable future. "It will be years before wireless carriers are at a
level where they can handle the type of volume that landlines can," said
Allan Tumolillo,chief operating officer of Probe Group, a telecom research

So, wireless failed to guarantee service because they lacked the economic
incentive to do so, which meant people couldn't call during a blackout
caused because Power wasn't economically incentivized to do so either.

And here we all go again, talking about something we have no clue
about. In case you have forgotten, I would like to remind you all
of certain things (in no particular order).

a) electric utilities
b) independent system operators
c) utility workers who actually climb poles
d) excavators
e) the 'call before you dig' service
f) library curators
g) large wireless carriers
h) the united states government
i) sean gorman
j) terrorists
k) generator manufacturers
l) any of the people dead due to the blackout
m) transmission lines
n) circuit breakers
o) transformers
p) regulators
q) power plant operators
r) the north american energy reliability council
s) members of the north american energy reliability council
t) in charge of dispersing lightning
u) the canadian government
v) control board logic
w) active energy traders
x) senior-level execs at energy companies
y) the lake erie loop
z) the loch ness monster

You ARE:
a) network engineers
b) network administrators
c) network technicians
d) system administrators
e) (insert any other random network related title here)

Have a happy angst-filled low-voltage day.

If only we had been, all of this would have been unnecessary...

I wouldn't be surprised if for at least half of your "you are not" list there would be one or more NANOGgers who in fact are, or have been.

Very true. I know of many people on nanog (myself included) who have very close ties to many of the items on your list. Although I have never been a loch ness monster or the Canadian government. :slight_smile:


btw- As an aside, we purchased NERC's ISP business earlier this year and I have to say that from my work with them, they are some of the most intelligent people I've ever met. Not to mention that are all spectacularly nice! If NERC has anything to say about it, great minds are working on the issues.

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