RE: Deploying IPv6 in a datacenter (Was: Awful quiet?)

From: David Raistrick []
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 11:33 AM
To: James
Subject: Re: Deploying IPv6 in a datacenter (Was: Awful quiet?)

> There are already *several* sane v6 networks in US who have proper
> routing and high-quality US-Europe inter-connections, including
> commercial networks that one can purchase transit from.

...that one can purchase transit from in select geographic locations. If
you're not in one of these areas (NYC, LA, etc), forgetaboutit.

I'm talking about commercial nets you can actually buy transit in more than
NYC and west coast, dual-stacked.

Tunnels do not transit make.


James (who deals with most of these commercial nets able to providing high
quality service to customers already in ipv6)