RE: DECNet over IP?

Thank you all for your advise.

Unfortunately I am working with a Bay/NortelNetwork environment. Nortel's
implementation of GRE tunneling does not support DECNet Phase IV. The kludge
of a solution that has been proposed to me by Nortel is transitioning the
native DECNet phase IV communication to DECNet phase V, which works in OSI,
then tunnel the OSI using GRE. I'm going to try it in a lab, but I have
serious doubts about how well it will work. It is a scary proposition. If
anyone has actually seen this work I love to hear from you.

The solution that I need to create is one that will not require the DEC
administrators on LANs using our WAN for DECNet interconnectivity to make
any changes on their VAXes, printers... etc. That means Compaq or third
party software on the VAX cannot be part of the solution. Basically it needs
to be transparent to the LAN.

If Cisco is capable of tunneling DECNet phase IV right out of the box, then
I think I may have my solution. This would mean the router would run DECNet
on the ethernet and run a GRE tunnel over the IP network on the sync
port(s). Does this sound like the right idea?

Thanks again!