RE: DDoS attacks

From: Rob Thomas []
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2001 8:24 PM

] I happen to agree, if only because; when script kiddies
don't have IRC to
] play with they'll start looking elsewhere. I'd rather them
have an IRC net
] to play with while they're being hunted. Wouldn't you?

Agreed. Keep in mind that when the kiddies really want to
test something
nasty, they simply build their own (hidden and secured) IRC servers in
which to park the zombies. So a paucity of IRC
servers/networks isn't an
issue to them.

Eradicating IRC isn't the solution. IRC is the "SOSUS net"
of DDoS. It
would be wise if everyone paid close attention to what is discovered

Of course, it also wouldn't hurt if we actually STARTED a script-kiddie
hunt, while they're making themselves so visible/vulnerable, rather than
kvetching at the victim, neh?