RE: DDOS anecdotes

The rest of NANOG may, as we do, wonder why Mr. Gibson, after almost naming
us in that page (he didn’t name us directly, but left enough not-so-subtle
hints that both us and our users noticed us being mentioned), chose to brush
off our offers to help, claiming instead that he just wanted to move on and
forget about the whole thing. (I ought to mention that it took at least a
week to get a reply from Mr. Gibson)

We ended up concluding that Mr. Gibson’s main goal is the distribution of
large quantities of FUD. It seems, I might add, that Mr. Gibson is
particularly successful at this remarkably valuable art.


Can you elaborate further?

Certainly, I can elaborate further. (although not in HTML... plain text is
so much more elegant)

From Mr. Gibson's page:

"<Gibson> It looks like he's lost his dynDNS
<^b0ss^> you know what serve he keeps them all on
<^b0ss^> yup
<Gibson> yeah, I have his server, but I think he's off the air
<Gibson> for now and won't be bothering me again any time soon.
<^b0ss^> we had alot of bots on
<^b0ss^> but they took it down
<^b0ss^> for illegal use"
""Wicked" and his IRC Bots communicate by logging onto an IRC server located
at the domain "wkdbots.***.**" (I have blanked the upper portion of the
domain to allow me to provide all other details.) This domain name is hosted
by a dynamic DNS service, allowing Wicked to change the location of the IRC
server, as needed, by pointing the "wkdbots" domain at a different IP
address. This highlights one of the several weaknesses of the IRC Bots
system: A single discovered Bot reveals the IRC meeting place of the entire
Bot fleet. The subsequent loss of access to their shared domain cripples the
Bot network by denying its access to its central communications hub. "

We thus have the reference to dynamic DNS services twice here. Now, I ought
to mention that is one of our domains (although was
indeed removed for AUP violations as Mr. Gibson points out). So, there's the
first reference to us. The second is the "wkdbots.***.**". It just so
happens that we provide services in a domain that's ***.**, and
coincidentally enough, there was a wkdbots.***.** in that domain.

So, I think it's fairly clear that Mr. Gibson was talking about us here
(some of our users were also able to make the wkdbots.***.** link and
emailed us pointing us to Mr. Gibson's site). What happened? Well... He
never contacted us about the wkdbots.***.**, for one thing... even though we
have a rather efficient abuse department, unlike so many of the large
companies Mr. Gibson is so eager to criticize.

Once we heard about Mr. Gibson's troubles (yay slashdot), and noticed the
two references to us, we immediately contacted Mr. Gibson to see if there
was anything we could help with, or if there was anything he wanted us to

The reply came about a week later, and while I'd prefer not to post it to
NANOG, let's just say that it was effectively a form letter saying "thanks
for contacting me about the DDoS attacks. I've decided I'm just going to
move on, and have a nice life".

Suffice it to say that we were quite upset. Mr. Gibson didn't seem to have
any problems criticizing EarthLink, @Home, etc for not being responsible,
but Mr. Gibson a) never contacted us, despite the fact that abusive usage of
our services seemed to play a large role in the attacks he was a victim of,
and b) rejected our offer to help.

That, along with questionable claims on his site about magic packets that
can penetrate through NATs and similar devices, means that I have very
little confidence in Mr. Gibson from a technical perspective, although as I
said before I'd sincerely like to congratulate him on his FUD-spreading

Oh, and FWIW, wkdbots.***.** was removed promptly anyways... it now points
to a nice useless RFC 1918 IP. Should we mention that the two wicked and
b0ss people contacted us, too, wanting their hostnames/accoutns back?