RE: DC fiber cut: field report

WorldCom uses a GIS system they call CBUD (which stands for Call Before You Dig) in a perfect world, a contractor calls WorldCom and notifies of the pending construction.

The Geographical Info System then targets the construction site coordinates to the location of the fiber run. A fiber crew is dispatched to the site and stands by to assist.

Obviously we don't live in a perfect world. MCI used to drop work gloves printed from planes over construction sites and most carriers send inspection crews regularly over fiber routes and all are actively involved in continuing education with the construction community.

Inevitably it always boils down to "Joe Bob" in his Tonka Toy backhoe having a yahoo! of a time jamming a hole and getting it done before "beer o'clock" so he can relax for "Miller Time".

Dan L Dale

Sr. Sales Engineer
Exodus Communications, Inc.
(formerly of MCI and WorldCom)