RE: Customer-facing ACLs

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We have a two-dozen line long ACL applied to our CMTS and BRAS blocking
Windows and "virus" ports and have never had a complaint or a problem. We
do have a more sophisticated residential or large-biz customers ask, but

I'd like to ask the same question of you that I just did to Chris. How'd you implement that or has it been there since the network was new?

I would suggest a good resource is the MAAWG papers, and even though
you are stretched thin, consider attending a MAAWG meeting. MAAWG has
a lot of members that have already experienced the same situatations
as you, and may be able to help.

Obviously, I'm biased, but I like how SBC handled it :slight_smile: Not that it was
a problem free implementation.

Those ACLs were added when I came on board. Again, only one complaint in 3+

And customers wonder why I shudder when they tell me that they plug in their
Win9x computers directly into their cable modem. I can't imagine how much
worse it would be if I didn't block the SMB ports.