RE: Current street prices for US Internet Transit

Those problems you describe may be the providers initially and
on a on going basis, but they can very quickly become your problem. The
SLA you have with your provider may allow for a recoup of some money
lost in the form or credits or contract termination; but in the end
money lost is money lost and I don't believe upper management would take
kindly to any Network Engineer saying "oh well" to any issue at the
provider level inadvertent or not. Your selection of provider and the
understanding of the providers network and how it will work with your
environment is paramount.

Chris Burton
Network Engineer
Walt Disney Internet Group: Network Services

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Of course - if your transit provider falls over, Bad Things happen, especially if you placed all your bets on one network.

Doesn't change the fact that the most expensive equipment doesn't stop someone from fat-fingering a config.

End of day, I believe the people running a network and the history of that network's performance & stability are orders of magnitude more important than whether they have GSRs vs. 7600s or Junipers vs. Force10s. But that's me. Feel free to pick your provider because they run all Foundry in the core if it makes you happy. Your bits, your decision.

Of course, if you look at all the stable networks run by good people, you may find a correlation with the equipment being used. Dunno, you might not. Either way, I'm putting my faith in the engineers to run a good network, not the box vendors. My bits, my decision.