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I think you're very wrong here. For packet delivery of video based
services, I could see a home using 100mb/s between voice, video, and data
within the next 12-24 months. All of the product roadmaps I've been looking
at contain "How to get 100mb/s to the home", "How do we push BRAS/Multicast
deployment closer to the edge", "What is the roadmap for converged services
past triple play?"


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Really? 100 megabit/s would be six simultanious HDTV feeds (mpeg2)... I don't see any other content that is constant high bandwidth? And in my calculations I used 5 meg as the average, meaning that your 100 meg would mean that peak bw usage should be much higher to compensate for anyone who just happens not to look at 6 TV channels at the time?

The question is also about converged networks, what do we converge past data, video and voice?

100 meg to the home is no problem as long as each user is only using a few hundred kilobit/s (which seem to be the norm around the world right now on these networks), it's when each user is using much more than that we run into scalability problems (and monetary problems).