RE: Contact for (AS1503 )

We are currently having routing issues between one of our customers and<> which is originated from AS1503.

Does anyone have a contact for AS1503? We've tried the ARIN contacts for
AS1503 but have not received any response.

I fully said to call DISA, not CALL THE GUB! :wink:

    DSN: (510) 376-3222 or (312) 850-4790
CML: (800) 554-3476 or (614) 692-4790

You probably aren¹t on the DSN, and I don¹t think they accept incoming
calls from the PSTN. May want to try the CML first (probably a civilian
sitting at a DISA desk, so they¹ll be useful).

Hope this helps.

(I only know about this because of the satellite part of my life, and the
fact that DISA has threatened to slap my peepee several times :wink: <3)

Lots of luck there. I'll bet this is all handled by a sub-contractor who's completely unresponsive. (Brings back memories of the days the Army cut all their email over to a DISA contractor, and stuff started bouncing all over the place. Reaching one of our sponsors became a nightmare - and there was nobody to reach. I expect that's only gotten worse.)

Warren Bailey wrote:

Probably looking for the DISA CONUS IPNOC.

Here's a good place to start: