RE: Collocation Access

Surprisingly on a recent visit to a large co-location facility I was
required to leave my ID with the security staff at the front desk in
exchange for a visitor's pass, for the entire time I was in the

Normally I would not have an issue with this, but any outside visitors
are shadowed by an employee of the facility the entire time they are in
the facility as well.

It seems as though at this point there is little need for security to
maintain control of the ID, again which could possibly leave it open to
various activities already mentioned by some others.

Nick Thompson

My impression is that the requirement to leave ID at the security desk is generally to provide an incentive to return the visitor badge at the end of the visit, rather than for any further verification of identity.

Requiring deposits of car keys, transit passes, shoes (for those parts of the world where shoes are removed in datacenters out of respect for the routers), winter coats, or other articles necessary for leaving the datacenter might be even more effective.