RE: Cogent outage?

We got a notice from Internap a few hours ago:

"At approximately 12:10 EST Internap shut down the BGP session with Cogent
as we were widespread packet loss issues through their network out of our
New York (NYM) PNAP.

We are contacting Cogent to see if they are aware of what the issue is. "

They have not as yet updated this



We've seen BGP resets on our servers in Tampa...with Cogent no longer being
the preferred route for outgoing traffic. The preferred path from out DC
is now through Hurricane (AS6939).

Blair Trosper
Updraft Networks & LEARN (North Texas GigaPOP)

Internap just updated:

Cogent has said that the issue they were having has been resolved.
Internap's BGP session was turned back up at approximately 15:45 EST and
traffic has been stable since that time.