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IMHO multicast is a killer app, maybe THE killer app, for BLECs, as it conserves
sparse bandwidth, fits well with the ethernet LANs typically used with BLECs
for the "last mile," and as multicast peering is fairly straightfoward in the
BLEC scenario.
BLEC multicast also offers interesting opportunities for advertisers, as ads
can target specific clusters of buidlings.
We have convinced at least one BLEC of these advantages; others on NANOG should
feel free to contact me off list for assistance
in setting up multicast.

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The wierd thing here is that Williams doesn't have an overabundance of
peering either. They had been SBC's primary IP transit provider for their
DSL product, but rumor has it that SBC has selected other providers to
replace them. Perhaps Williams has massive transit contracts of their own,

and they are trying to cut their losses? Reselling transit for $50/meg is
better than not reselling it at all.

I doubt Cogent's long term plans are dependent on Williams' firesale transit


- Daniel Golding

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Just to test them out we ordered their "private line" service (rather than

the transit product) where it is $10/meg point to point, i.e.
100Mbps cross
country is $1,000 per end per month. Its a tunneled IP product
with an ATM

They are already 90 days overdue and show no signs of delivery
anytime soon.

They are heavily involved with Williams for the ATM backbone and
I know that
Williams is selling IP transit to big telecom accounts for as little as
$50/meg. Since they don't seem to have a lot of peering possibly they are

filling in the gaps with Williams transit and coming up with a skewed cost



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> I have been reading about Cogent Communications recently and
was wondering
> they can possibly offer 100mbps for $3000 ($1000 if you are an end-user,

not a
> service provider). It just seems too good to be true and we
know how that
> goes...
> Does anyone on NANOG have experience with them?
> Thoughts?
> For those who don't know: Cogent offers 100 mbps at $3000 to service
> or 1000gbps for $20,000. has some info but not

> thanks,
> -davidu

Marshall Eubanks