RE: clec vs ilec, how do you know who's lying?

Jason "Feren" Olsen:

So go to the website for the ILEC and find the conect information. As

an example, SBC plasters

information for the different teams all over their pages. If you

identify that you're with your employer > when you call in and summarize
the problem, you'll get transferred to somebody who can answer your

question on the ILEC work orders. Hell, they'll probably leap at the

chance to "help" you in order to

try and convince you to move away from the CLEC.

This may or may not work the way you'd think. As far as the ILEC
is/should be concerned, their customer is the CLEC since that's where
the work order came from. If you contact the ILEC and just happen to
get that person who doesn't care, you'd be in luck. Otherwise, they'll
likely say that there's nothing they can do, and that you must escallate
through the CLEC...which quite frankly is exactly what you should be
doing. If it's taken this long for them to not bring up your service,
you should be holding your account rep by his/her ears and screaming
through a bull-horn, mercilessly.

Push on the sales side and make them do the leg-work. Demand to speak
with a manager, and if you don't start getting satisfactory answers
within 24 hours, go to the manager's manager, and continue up to VP
level if necessary. With enough pressure from the top, these folks will
suck it up and get it done, despite any animosity between them.

Best of luck!