RE: Cisco vulnerability and dangerous filtering techniques

It could poll different looking glasses...

> Pray tell, the virus will also get BGP feeds to determine
> where the edges
> are?

It could poll different looking glasses...

And I could be the Pope...

How many thousands of "polls" do you think a looking glass can handle
simultaneously? I am all for the doomsday scenarios, but lets make them a
little bit less sci-fi, shall we? How about "it would create valid looking
OSPF packets with garbage in them?" or "create valid looking STP packets"


Why would thousands be needed? We already *know* that the bad guys
are *well* acquainted with using P2P networks for controlling zombies. There's
no reason a few strategic queries won't provide a good first approximation, which
can then be distributed. Remember - it doesn't have to be perfect to cause a problem. :wink:

And no, there's no reason they can;t create poison OSPF or STP packets.