RE: Cisco moves even more to china.

I think the IT field as a whole, programmers, network guys, etc... are going
to go the way of the auto workers in the 70's and 80's. I am a CCIE working
and on a second one and it saddens me that all my hard work and advanced
knowledge could be replaced by a chop-shop guy because from a business
standpoint quarter to quarter the chop-shop guy is cheaper on the books.
Never mind the fact that I solve problems on the network in under 30mins and
save the company from downtime but I am too expensive. I used to love
technology and all it had to offer but now I feel cheated, I feel like we
all have been burned by the way the business guys look at the technology, as
a commodity. Thankfully I am still young (mid 20's) I can make a career
switch but I'll still love the technology. Anyway I am going to start the
paper work to be an H1b to China and brush up on my Mandarin.

I've felt this way about things at times. It's why I'm getting my CDL. I highly doubt they can find a way to outsource *that* to some third-world country.


Too Late

CDL drivers are already outsourced a couple of years ago we agreed to
allow Mexican trucking firms access to the entire CONUS. Before that they
were limited to 100 Miles from the border.

Become a mechanic or plumber instead...

                            Scott C. McGrath