RE: CISCO Easter Egg

I don't condone this, however I fail to see how this is dishonest on
Cisco's part. I fail to even see the use of this command; hence the
inquiry. You have to reload the router either way to upgrade software,
right? So, you can issue the command via a reload, or you can "test
crash." The only difference is that the router displays "System
restarted via reload" or "System restarted via memory parity error at
0x67393028", or something. So, what do you use this for? To 'prove'
to your boss that you didn't f*&k up? "It wasn't my fault, the router
crashed. See?" I could see this being used on a production box, where
an operator foolishly does a 'debug ip packet detail' on an edge box
with a rapidly aging cache, the messages kill the console, and he needs
to save his arse. So, he reloads the box via power on, the runs a "test
crash", so when the boss asked why they lost Orlando for 30 minutes, he
can say, "I dunno, router crashed. Look."