RE: Cisco config checker

The problem we have with this product is the support features.

First it was no OSPF only EIGRP, then OSPF but no virtual links.
Virtual links would be needed to solve OSPF area connectivity problems
that this tool would find.
Then it was no BGP, or BGP but no confederations, route reflectors.

Now I need multi point GRE tunnels and NHRP.

This product could save me a lot of time in a lab with a lot of Cisco boxes connect together

You are write a product reflects what some one else thinks you need,
a tool kit lets you build what you need.

We have suggest to Cisco that if this tool is to be usable it must be in step with the IOS releases and regression tested.

A AI prof I know said "the only real model of the real world is the real world"

This tool can never tell if the real network will work