RE: CIDR,Sprint and the Big Guys.

@On Fri, 5 Apr 1996, Jim Fleming wrote:
@> I believe that there are technical ways of doing this that do not require IPv6...
@Where's your Internet Draft or RFC ?
@Michael Dillon Voice: +1-604-546-8022

As I said...some people have to "think outside of the box"....
...working code and systems will be more critical...

...besides...Internet Drafts and Internet RFCs apply
to the Internet...if a new network is created outside of the
Internet, then the documentation on that network would
not necessarily fit the old model of the Internet...

As an example, HTML will be used for all documents on the
new Internet as well as for the programming language
documentation...people will have to have a minimal web
browser to make the transition to reading engineering
documents that have pictures, drawings, etc. and not
ASCII stick figures.