RE: Cayman Island Scenarios

@ > @ Say I 'own' the fictional block, its swipped to me, everything
@ > @ is in order as it should be. I decide for whatever reason to turn off my
@ > @ routers, sell my equipment and move to the Caymans to enjoy the rest of my
@ > @ life. I now have two choices, 1: Return my block to ARIN, or 2: Sell my
@ > @ block to someone else and make a small (or large for that matter, I'm sure I
@ > @ could sell it for a interesting sum of money) profit.
@ Hmm, I just asked the same question... If you'll sell your business, why
@ do you think somebody buy your routers withouth your address space? If
@ somebody buy yoy ISP business this somebody need your address space to
@ continue IP service...

I agree, many of these IP allocation notions seem to come from
people who have never had to worry about the business end
of the ISP operation...

IP addresses are now valuable assets. Businesses may have
to show them on their books. In order to do that, they may have
to show that they "own" the addresses. For some companies
it might be best to purchase their addresses to prove this ownership.

This is an area that is rapidly gaining more attention from CPAs
and attorneys that have to protect corporate assets, especially
when shareholders are involved from the general public.

@ > @ scenario 1:
@ > @
@ > @ It gets returned and some other poor fool has to jump through flaming hoops
@ > @ and surive a pool of toxic waste to get a few IPs.
@ > @
@ > @ scenario 2:
@ > @
@ > @ I change all the records to point to them, swip it out to them, basically do
@ > @ everything needed to make them the legitimate 'owners' of that block, they
@ > @ pay me a nice lump of cash and we're both happy.
@ > @
@ > @ As I see it, changing ownership of IPs is no different than changing
@ > @ ownership of a domain.
@ > @
@ >
@ >
@ > Scenario 3:
@ >
@ > You sell the entire company before turning off the routers and
@ > the block stays with the operation on a lease arrangement.
@ > It eventually gets absorbed into a larger ISP and lost on the
@ > books in the mega transaction.
@ >
@ > Scenario 4:
@ >
@ > You move to the Cayman Islands and set up a competing
@ > "NIC". One of the NICs currently operates out of the
@ > Seychelles, so maybe the Caymans are the next best
@ > place to start an address NIC.
@ >
@ > Question: When companies like MCI and Bellcore get bought,
@ > do they have to turn all of their blocks back into the "NIC"
@ > and start over...:wink:
@ Aga...(yes, in english...).
@ Or if MCI splits into 2 new companies, would it retirn it's address
@ space to the NIC? -:slight_smile:

I would assume that assets would be handled as assets...
Companies should probably make sure they "own" their assets...

And commentators should probably make sure they "have" a clue...

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