RE: Can a customer take IP's with them?

Michel Py wrote:
In short: drop the monkey on ARIN's back. The issue that
non-portable blocks are indeed non-portable is ARIN's to
deal with, and partly why we are giving money to them.

Patrick W Gilmore wrote:
I wonder why ARIN, or even more importantly, ICANN has
not jumped all over this. Seems to me if IP space is not
"owned" or something close to it by ICANN, they have lost
a cornerstone of their power.

Indeed, or there's something else we don't know about.

b) _do_ announce the specific block routed to null0
(ARIN has delegated this space to you, if you want to
announce unallocated parts of it to a blackhole it's
nobody's business to tell you that you can't).

DO NOT DO THIS. The TRO specifically prohibits him
from doing these types of things. Breaking the TRO
will have immediate and detrimental impact on Alex
and NAC.Net.

That remains to be seen, especially if the authority issuing the TRO has
no jurisdiction over BGP routing. If you find an attorney that wants
your money (easy enough) and a judge who is stupid enough to issue a TRO
that I can't wear a green sock and a red sock, I will nevertheless keep
wearing a green sock and a red sock and the detrimental consequences are
going to be for the bozo that issued the TRO if they try to enforce it
and not for me. Judges can be suspended or removed and states can be
sued, to.

See my previous post re: liquor & the next NANOG....

Do you own a winery or something :slight_smile:

Alex Rubenstein
c) In regards to the tail-end of your mail, what you
propose (the temporary reassignment of space to an
ex-customer) is in (as I interpret ARIN policy) direct
contradiction and violation of ARIN policy. If this
policy were to stand, what prevents cable modem users,
or dialup users, or webhosting customers, the right to
ask to take their /32 with them?

Exactly, I have one IP address with SBC (formerly Pacific Bell) at home,
I'm too lazy to renumber my tunnels if I switch ISPs, so I'm going to
require SBC to allow my one IP to be routed somewhere else? Ridiculous.

By the way Alex, have you given some thoughts to suing the company that
announces parts of your block? Should not be too difficult, if it's not
portable and assigned to you. We all like customers that bring lawsuits
with them, don't we?

And what's the block in question so we can WHOIS it?