RE: California power ... unplugged.

I don't think we are stupid....

We are the ones building Internet Data Centers in a
place that has lots of cheap and environmentally friendly
Hydro-Electric power.

We have lots of space left, second largest country by area.
It's easier to move photons than electrons.


Apparently you haven't dealt with the sierra club much... they're the
guys who want to breach glen canyon dam (thats lake powell on the
arizona/utah border for those who don't know.)

Many other dams (admittedly, most of them were useless and should
never have been built in the first place) have been breached in the
last few years. The argument is that the dam destroyed the eco system
that was in place before it was built. Ironically, when the lake
filled, a new eco system was created. So by draining the lake, that
eco system gets destroyed in favor of the one thats already lost.

There is no way to win this war. We need the power but no matter what
method you choose, someone is going to protest it. (There are even
people against wind and solar farms because they take vast amounts of
land and create an eye sore and such.)