RE: California power ... unplugged.

From: Subodh Nijsure []
Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2001 11:17 AM

Oh come on you are falling for media spin put out by the politicians.

Actually, most of the media spin does not bring up these issues. In fact,
these points are conspicuously absent. They completely glossed over the
impact of the Cal Clean Air Act.

On your other point, I invite you to note the name of my company and visit
my about page.

And if you think you don't like clean air take a trip to China or India
which have 1/10th amount of cars compared to US and see what happens
when nobody pays attention to environmental regulations. Then you will


the so called "enviro-nazis".

I never said that I don't like clean air :). What I hoped the article
pointed out was the conflicts between rabid enviro-nazis, no-nukes folks,
and California energy needs. Yes, the Sierra Club supported the California
Clean Air Act (CCAA). This is probably the most draconian, uncompromising,
environmental measure that has ever been passed into law, IMHO. They
celebrated when it was passed. Yet, they took no stance on energy
deregulation until well after the fact, when it was too late. They helped
create the quandry we are in today. That was my point.