RE: CA Power

I'm a little late to this discussion but the first stage two alert (two days
ago?) resulted from a large power plant going off-line for "unspecified
reasons" to quote the spokesperson. Does make you go hmmm...

-Al Rowland

Just my 2�, feel free to use your delete key.

yeah the scheduled and unscheduled maintenance thing is overwhelming for
sure, seems to happen far too frequently. Someone asked why CA-ISO tellin
a particular operator to not operate a couple generators didnt trigger
news media hype, i wish I had the answer on that one. NIMBY as a force
against building new plants is certainly a contributing factor also.
Everyone wants cheap plentiful power, but doesn't want to see any
evidence of its production or presence. If you want to do your part
against what can only be called ridiculous utility practices, check out