RE: CA Power

Funny thing about rioters is they usually
destroy their own neighborhoods...go figure.


Doug Barton:
Reporter: So, how many generators do you have at this plant?
Operator: 3
R: How many do you have operating today?
O: Just one.
R: REALLY? But we had rolling blackouts all through San Diego County
today, why aren't you operating all 3 generators?
O: Because Cal-ISO told me to turn off #2, and not to turn #3
on at all.

Let's assume this is true (not arguing it isn't). Why don't
accusations like this trigger the media beast's radar? It
might be a needed diversion from the impending L.A. riots.

As long as they leave the fiber alone:).

Hrmm...hi-tech rioters...interesting idea :slight_smile:

When it's high-tech /rioting/ it's then called sabotage right?

Its all the same!

Just remember.

Be sure to pillage before you burn!

When it's high-tech /rioting/ it's then called sabotage right?

Terrorism? (maybe :p)

- James

No "hacking">>>(grin)

"Leif Stupidison"'s dumbest Viking, he died penniless...he never understood you loot THEN you burn...