RE: C&W Perring

So which side is doing the pre-pending?


I would guess it is PSI. They are trying to see exactly how much traffic they can force to other networks by pre-pending and probably (I don’t know how their routing is setup) setting lpref on the c&w sessions to their lowest possible. Then they will know what traffic is only available through c&w. Then they will prob see how many of these people they can peer directly with or sell services to during the 60 day continuation.


According to the C&W engineer I spoke with, C&W stopped announcing its routes. So PSINET was unable to find the peering routers. (deaf, dumb and blind). A meeting was held last night between the two and a temporary agreement was reached. Part of this agreement was that all routes would be back in place by morning. Which they were. They agreed that over the next 60 days they would meet and try to work out an more lasting agreement (what ever that means) to prevent this from occurring again.

Now that is the official words. Here is my opinion. Customers like my company, after getting slapped in the face last night with that crappy e-mail, responded like I did. Either fix it or we would be order new T1’s to replace C&W’s. This is exactly what I told them. We are paying them good money to C&W and none of their customer base was even questioned how this would affect our local business. I must tell you I really pissed this morning when they called me. It must have done some good.
Morris Allen
VidcomNet, Inc.