RE: C&W Peering Problem?

If anyone else is seeing wierd problems with their GBLX uplinks, please let
me know. I stopped announcing routes out them because some of my customers
were having a lot of problems such as one IP would go through, but the next
consecutive IP couldn't and would get locked up in NYC. Earlier I was
seeing the same thing happen in Atlanta. They can't seem to replicate the
problem, even though I have sent them several traceroutes where they are all
stopping at the same point.

I know that stopping my announcements is going to hamper troubleshooting, so
if others are having similar problems maybe we can get them to look a little


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:: Does anyone know who was dropped? I have been having
:: strange connectivity
:: problems between my network on the C&W network and my
:: datacenter which is on
:: GlobalCenter's net. No one can tell me what is going on,
:: but maybe this has
:: something to do with it.
:: Jason Lewis
:: It's not secure "Because they told me it was secure". The
:: people at the
:: other end of the link know less about security than you do.
:: And that's
:: scary.
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:: >I was wondering when this issue was going to be brought up. C&W
:: >dropped peering with several backbones. I will bet the problems
:: >started about a week ago.
:: Probably because they didn't meet the new C&W peering requirements.
:: They sent me a link to their peering requirements the other
:: week when I
:: asked. Basically, to peer you have to have an OC48 backbone with
:: redundantly connected nodes in 9 regions of the USA
:: (according to their
:: definition of regions), peering at 4 diverse locations, with
:: a minimum of
:: 45Mbit/s of traffic at each location.
:: Interestingly, C&W's network map doesn't show PoP's in all of their 9
:: regions.
:: Simon
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