RE: BOOM! there goes WorldCom

Doesn't Sprint stand for Southern Pacific Railroad INTernational?


When I was given the grand tour in Kansas City, I was told "Southern
Pacific Railroad Internal Network Technology (Group)." But then again,
what do HR people know?

I wonder if Sprint ever bought and moved airports that were in the way a la

Jim Browne
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Sprint was born when Southern Pacific spun off SP Communications, aka SPC,
(I believe to GTE). The name was then changed to Sprint. I don't think SPC
had any fiber back then - i remember the voice circuits were very noisy.

But you're pretty correct, SPC was using railroad right-of-way for
communications signalling - originally for SP's internal voice/data
network, and then began selling excess capacity.

Souther Pacific Railroad Internal Network Telecommunications, as I
heard it<tm>.

-- jra