RE: BL of Compromised Hosts?

Michel Py wrote:
There is a regrouping of BGP feeds for various "questionable"
hosts and networks around AS29467;

william(at) wrote:
That is actually not correct. The AS29467 will stay as being
used for BOGON and similar data. It is quite likely that other
ASNs would be used for other "questionable" hosts, possibly
one for various anti-spam lists and other for yet more
"questionable" hosts such as DoS sources, etc.

My mistake, thanks for correcting me.

The draft is not about data sources the draft about the
changes that need to be done to the router software in
handing BGP that would actually allow for use of outside
BGP feed for filtering (or marking) routes


The draft which was originally only for bogon filtering
during private discussions between authors it was changed
to be more general to be used for other situations,
unfortunetly it does still suffer from being too BOGON
specific and when draft was sent to IDR they immediately
complained about that too.

Indeed; however after some face to face discussion and clarified by the
presentation they did understand our intentions that the purpose was the
mechanism and not the qualification of the bogon/bad sources.

It has been suggested that draft be rewritten and even
more be removed from it to be less bogon specific and
to only describe this kind of filtering in the concept
with non-specific examples if possible.

Still on the table, although I would like have some beta code to grind
prior to rewriting... The existing draft is not nearly as bad as the
initial versions in terms of being tied to bogon filtering, but I agree
that it would be better if it was more generic.