RE: BGP Question - how do work around pigheaded ISPs

From: Craig A. Huegen []
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2001 9:33 PM
To: Roisman, Dani
Subject: Re: BGP Question - how do work around pigheaded ISPs

And finally, there's always the "there might be a chance someone will
pay us to amend our filters for their slot" argument.

Funny you should mention that... If I was a customer of ISPph, they would
accept any route I send them in that block, so I guess $$$ might be another

But why would I be a customer of ISPph, if they don't provide access to the
*entire* Internet? IMO, that makes them not be a real ISP, just a

So far, we get traceroutes from users of ISPph who can't get to a site on
the /19 block, and the answer back to them is "yours is the only ISP that
cannot get to our network" and we suggest they get one of the free dial
accounts just to prove to them that our site is up.

Of course, the chances of enough users of ISPph complaining that it would
make a difference is very slim.