RE: BGP Homing Question

Patrick W Gilmore wrote:
It is your netblock, you get to use it as needed.

Michel Py wrote:
This is not a good reason; it might be a good
excuse, but not a good reason.

Really? So if I have a /20, you are saying I
cannot use it as I need to use it?

No. It's yours you can use it any way you want. What I'm saying is that
nor because it's yours neither because you can use it anyway you want
make you a good netizen nor guarantees any results.

You do not need to tunnel at all if your two upstreams trade
downstream routes (e.g. "peer"), and the US upstream does not
filter small prefixes from their peers.

Indeed, but how can you guarantee it? SNAFUs do happen, for a number of
reasons you can't control. Tunneling provides some resiliency when
things which are not supposed to happen do in fact pop up from time to

As I said in the first post, this is much more common than
the alternative, so chances are it will "just work".

No argument here.