RE: BGP Exploit


What would a Cisco log if the IP's for the BGP sessions were
attacked & MD5
was in place ?

What if sessions were attacked without MD5 in place. We would just see
session resets. As these happen anyway frequently at peering points is there
any straightforward way to determine if the vulnerability caused the reset?

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Depends on why it happens frequently. If it happens because
you've got Network/Transport Layer or underlying connection problems
then there's some other brokenness you should probably be more
concerned with.

If you're referring to session resets because of a peer or user
action then something akin to "Last reset due to FOO" can likely
be gleaned from "show bgp neighbor" output, especially since BGP
performs "graceful shutdown" via notification messages under normal

I.e., you should probably be very concerned with any session
reset for which no valid explanation is available via CLI or
other means.