RE: BGP Anywhere - Global Redundancy

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Behalf Of Steve Gibbard
Sent: Wednesday, April 06, 2005 8:48 PM
To: Vandy Hamidi
Subject: Re: BGP Anywhere - Global Redundancy

> Below is how I believe it should be done.
>> From PDC:
> -Advertise CIDR block to all peers w/good metric (0 hop count)
>> From BDC:
> -Advertise same CIDR block to all peers w/poor metric (+20 hop
> count)

To clarify, you want no traffic coming into the backup site when the
primary site is up, right?

Assuming a random set of peers and upstreams, this won't
actually do what
I think you're trying to do. Since local-preference
overrides MEDs and AS
path lengths, and since you don't have control over what goes
on in other
networks, you'll likely get some traffic coming into your
backup site even
when you don't intend it to.

You could *maybe* get around this by having the same transit provider
(probably just one in this case, which is scary for other
reasons) in both locations. If you're paying somebody money, you have a


better chance of getting them to follow your desired routing policy.
Still, it's really not good to be making a routing announcement somewhere


you don't want to receive traffic.

If you have the same ISPs at both data centers, this will work.
All outsiders will route to one of your ISPs, who will send traffic
to the best localpref. Until one of them loses their connection to
your primary site; then it will route traffic to the backup site,
even though, to you, the primary is online with the other ISPs.

Convergence time across the Internet in case of complete failure
could be 15 minutes, +/-5.