RE: BGP and anycast

Thanks for the reply!

Well, I'm actually trying to "stretch" the rules of
unicast and go to anycast. The point is to have
several places on the internet replying to the same
addresses. I'll mirror the same services in these
places (on a /24 that is allowed through filters).

Masataka Ohta pointed me in this direction (you better
be quick, they seem to be about to expire)
* draft-ietf-dnsop-ohta-shared-root-server-00.txt
* draft-ietf-dnsop-hardie-shared-root-server-02.txt
If I understand these correctly I wasn't too fare away
on my first guess. *Except* that the "uniquely
routable addresses" should come from nearest upstream
(which mean they could be longer than /24).

Does anyone have any more pointers on this matter
(maybe examples on CCO :)?

Guess it's time to sign up on the lab reservation