RE: BellSouth prefix deaggregation (was: as6198 aggregation event)

IMHO, I think we should create a route-set obj like call
it... RS-DEAGGREGATES and list all the major irresponsible
providers's specific /24's in it...

CASE: Business has a /24 from X provider in order to multihome.
That /24 is de-aggregated from a /19, with this policy that
/24 may not be routed.

possible exception: When 2002-3 get passed by ARIN, this could even take
on new meaning. ARIN says they will use a single /8 for the handing
out of /22-/24 for multihoming end users. will you then filter those
/24's also?

What happens when that /24 for Business Y noted above is dual routed
by ISP A and ISP B, and ISP A's upstream filters but ISP B's does not?
Will there be asymmetric routing?

Can anyone from BellSouth, explain the end goal of the de-aggregation?

I suspect with 40 + ASs they may be rebuilding their network with a
recently announced list of new IP services and DSL growth as asked for
under the Federal government Rural DSL regulations... (I'm not trying to defend
them, just giving some possibilities)

The idea is to not filter just /24's.

The idea is to work with people who run (may be.. or other people who are willing to coop), and find an ASNs who advertise a lots of irresponsible deaggregates.

As you can see, cidr-report only shows deaggregation for the prefixes that an AS _specifically_ _originates_. It does not show /24's out of downstream ASes, so it is safe.

Basically there would need to be some sort of monitoring process to review the cidr-report regularly to keep a close watch on irresponsible providers, and generate route-set filter against them until they aggregate themselves.