RE: Battery Maint in LEC equipment

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Sean Donelan
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2005 7:56 AM
Subject: Re: Battery Maint in LEC equipment

> If your data center has an adequate DC plant, will the
carriers insist
> on installing their own batteries and rectifiers? And how
many of them
> have redundant supplies to take advantage of an A and B
feed from you?

If you are willing to sign some liability waivers, and maybe pay some
special construction charges, I've found most ILECs are willing to use
your plant.

Not in provider/colo land. The LEC's will and do pay for
rack space. Most will gladly use protected power to their
rectifiers and not use battery if offerred.

But remember, the ILEC is stuck with servicing
that building
long after you may disappear.

Which is a good reason not to allow any dependancies
out of their control. This is in the enterprises
interest. Co mingling with the enterprise is a very
bad idea.