RE: Banc of America Article

I'm familiar with some enforced financial institution requirements, no
where did I find transaction data of ATMs on a dedicated network to be
_required_. Is this a common industry practice, or a mandatory standard
I have not discovered?

It is a common practice. Since the alarm line is permanently connected to
some monitoring company which is supposed to make up its mind about ATM
still being there should a nice gentleman with a truck decide to take the
entire machine with him, it is very difficult to get that line used for
something else. The other line is the data line, which, in my experience,
tends to be POTS or ISDN (and sometimes DS0). Maybe I am not being clear on
the terminology - dedicated in this case means "non-alarm" line. Wherever
the connection terminates is going to depend on implementation.

How does this relate to the No Name standalone ATM which normally have
exposed POTS wires running to the wall?

If you look carefully at those wires (without flipping out mini-mart owners)
you are most likely to notice that it has either two visible POTS lines or
one cable carrying two phone lines.