RE: backbone transparent proxy / connection hijacking

Backbone providers are here to provide unhindered
connection to the internet for their clients.

Is that necessarily what the customer is after, or is that a polemic?

<customer_view> I think my backbone provider is there to provide me with
access to Internet content, delivering the mix of throughput, latency,
and price that's right for me. And I can see where caching *might*
allow a service provider to better meet my needs. </customer_view>

Hijacking your clients, their clients, etc connections
and shoving them through a proxy cache to save money is

Transparent proxys have one place. On the CLIENT side of the


As a customer, I don't give a hoot for belief systems and opinions on
where things 'ought' to be. Don't talk to me about 'unethical,' talk to
me about better ways to solve my business problem.