RE: Backbone IP network Economics - peering and transit

The question is too simplistic ... It is not (simply) a matter of small
vs. big or being on your own network from source-to-destination. Peering
is an enabler ... and gives all an opportunity to share content globally
... kinda' fundamental to the Internet consortium.

Is your question, 'Since fiber is so cheap, why doesn't everyone build
an autonomous, facilities-based, global "Internet" network that competes
for narrowband/broadband "pullers" of data and hosting/data centers/etc.
for content providers ("pulled-fromers" or "pushers" of data)?



"Peering is an enabler"
"gives all an opportunity to share content globally"
"fundamental to the Internet consortium"

This is like the "greatest hits" compendium collected from various failed
1990's service provider business plans :slight_smile:

People should be careful. Peering is a business/networking arrangement that
can save them money (or not). Those who try to imbue it with philosophical
significance must be viewed with skepticism.

Daniel Golding
Network and Telecommunications Strategies
Burton Group