RE: Authority
I may not agree with everything that William does
or how he goes about it, but I do think that his
approach is worthwhile.

Indeed; I like the "economy of ideas" concept myself and in this case it
might be the only valid initial approach, see below.

It gives us a chance to see a prototype of
something that could be either incorporated
into ARIN or commercialized in the future.

Exactly. Besides, if ARIN or IANA were to start something like this out
of the blue, they would likely get stalled by the few trolls that don't
like the idea and what would scream about it, probably questioning the
legitimacy of ARIN/IANA in the first place and other BS.

OTOH, with William and Rob doing their thing on their own behalf only,
should it be incorporated into something bigger later it would have
acquired the legitimacy of being field-tested and approved prior to the
"standardization" effort. Rob and William have my support, and it's not
because they're my co-authors. They're my co-authors because they have
ideas and work towards making them better.

If someone does not like what they're doing, just don't look at it and
don't use it. I do, because I find value in it, as do many other